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The · Chronicles · of · Narnia

A community for discussion of the books.

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Hi Narnia fans! I'm here to let you know about a new anthology about the Chronicles of Narnia published specially for Border's Bookstores titled Through the Wardrobe! It features essays about our favorite series by YA authors such as Herbie Brennan, Deb Caletti, and Ned Vizzini! If you want to read an excerpt, you can go to the address below and while you're at it, explore the website of our imprint, Teen Libris.


This book is only available in Borders, so get on over if you want to read more essays!

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Let me introduce myself. I’m a student of the faculty of philosophy of Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University. I don’t speak and write English very well, I hope, you’ll apologetic me.


I have read “The Chronicles of Narnia” four times in Russian. Now I read it in English. To my mind, this book not only for little children, it’s for all people, who want to feel the true, divine nature of religion, which is permanence and everlasting. I want to underscore, that this book isn’t theological or philosophical treatise; it need comprehension by heard. The researcher of The Chronicles of Narnia have to understand, that this book cuts through all of the rational interpretations, but this interpretations by scientists-specialists in the fields of literary critique and study of religions must be.


It’s very interesting to reflect the dept maintenance of this really genius text. But I know, that it’s difficult to understand object of your researches (especially in science), if you lean only on origin sources. That’s why I tried to found in the Amazon bookshop some commentary literature. Ordinarily, these literatures are Christian; the authors attempt to give fundamental knowledge about Christian truth. This is not bad, but trend of thought like this usually isn’t so seriously, like I get accustomed. Do you know the works of theologians or the philosophers of religion about The Chronicles of Narnia”?

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In the course of an essay I'm writing on the subject of incest in the Narnia fandom, I've found that I greatly desire statistics and the opinions of others to incorporate into my work and make the piece representative of multiple sides of the issue. As such, I have opened a poll on attitudes towards incest in Narnia, and I would love it if anyone interested in any side of the issue would vote and possibly leave a comment.

The poll can be found here.


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Book: The Last Battle
Topic: Asking for an explanation on meaning of a part of the book
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Book: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Topic: The Girls of Narnia

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